Our vision

Inclusive growth and sustainable practices in the agriculture sector of Pakistan, with a special focus on small-scale farmers.

Our Mission

To increase the incomes of small-scale farmers in rural Pakistan and protect environmental conditions, all through sustainable farming.


Inclusive Growth through Sustainable Agriculture.

Good Earth is poised to drive sustainable agriculture practices in rural Pakistan through serving as a marketplace for healthy produce grown by small-scale farmers.  Good Earth ensures its consumers the delivery of sustainable, all-natural produce with complete traceability of the food we provide. Our model also ensures the increase in our partner farmers' income by at least 50%, while reversing an environmentally damaging status quo and repair invaluable natural environments. Through this work, Good Earth builds inclusive business networks and knowledge sharing platforms, opening up market opportunities for the benefit of all.

our work

Good Earth will enable small-scale farmers to gain access to knowledge sources, inexpensive organic inputs, organic certifications, and markets to sell their produce.  Through partnerships with technical trainers, research institutions, and other market players, Good Earth will provide agricultural extension services, trainings to comply with complicated organic certification processes, and stable contracts with market retailers - all in one platform.

Through these efforts, Good Earth will effectively help small-scale farmers address the multiple market failures that plague them, connecting them to services that are otherwise inaccessible.



our impact

Through our economic analysis and market studies, including farmer and consumer surveys as well as expert interviews, we find potential income gains to the farmers of 50% above historical incomes by engaging with Good Earth and implementing the organic farming practices Good Earth facilitates.  This helps farmers escape debt burdens and poverty and improve the well-being of their families. 

This economic impact couples with well studied environmental benefits of organic farming practices including nutrient rich top soil preservation, reduced pollution of waterways from fertilizer and pesticide runoff, reduced fossil fuel dependency from fertilizer inputs, increased biodiversity, among others. 

Read more about the case for organic farming here and our Theory of Change.

Our PRocess

The 8 stages of Good Earth's engagement with farmers

  1. Identification of farmer
  2. Soil Preparation
  3. Input procurement
  4. Sowing
  5. Crop Protection and Nutrition
  6. Harvest
  7. Grading, Storage and Transport
  8. Sale of Produce

Throughout this process is the regular, unscheduled farm visits on the part of Good Earth field staff to ensure best practices are being upheld and only the highest quality produce makes it to our customers.